Commercial artificial
grass installation

Transform your business’ landscape with our lifelike, durable, and cost-saving artificial grass products. Commercial artificial turf is made to withstand heavy foot traffic, enhance landscape aesthetics, and reduce time and money spent on watering and other maintenance.

Commercial Artificial Grass
Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial artificial grass is an economical and high-quality synthetic outdoor turf grass system, created with the commercial developer in mind. Unlike residential artificial grass, commercial artificial grass landscaping is designed and manufactured for large scale, commercial fake grass projects only. Our artificial turf offers consistency in color, feel and overall appearance without the nuisances of natural grass: watering, mowing, fungus, disease prevention, pest control, reseeding and more.

Our commercial artificial grass installation service covers balconies, lawns, and landscape, patios. rooftops, putting greens, pet areas, playgrounds, athletic sports fields, and many others. This is where the artificial grass come to play, since it can be installed in places where there is a scarcity of water, sunlight, or where the weather is hard. Unlike the natural grass, the artificial turf can be installed almost in any location and does not need many requirements to be installed or maintained, just select a location and that’s it.

Commercial Artificial Grass