Artificial grass contractors

Our company was formed to address the market need for a top notch, highly distinguished authority industry leader to not only bring fully-tested, quality solutions to the marketplace but to also provide a network of installing contractors, equipped with proper tools and training to assist them in building more successful businesses around this high growth industry.

Business is booming in the artificial grass industry and only expected to continue growing. With that in mind, there is definitely room for new players and these are some of the high-reward business opportunities in the industry to try for a piece of the action. 

Artificial Grass Contractors
Artificial Grass Contractor

Why join our winning team?

Support Network – With our 15 years experience, we know what works and will help you along the way. By way of estimating, installation, measuring or any area where you need help, we have a multitude of professionals ready to help, offering advice, and tried and true methods. 

Step-by-Step Training – We will teach you the proper installation techniques. Eliminate call backs or expensive and timely repairs when you learn how to professionally install artificial turf so you get it right the first time. Hands on training for installation, estimating, measuring and selling is available and required for each dealer.

Lead Generation – We supply our dealers with quality leads of people looking to get artificial grass installation. With years of marketing, advertising and reputation building, we consider ourselves knowledgeable in successful lead generation.

Marketing Plan – We have developed advanced marketing system support to ensure the success of your business. Guidance and advice on how to properly market your company for your own success is available.